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3/4-safety rail

This 3/4 Safety Rail fits to all beds from Manis-h except for our Retro- and Huxie series. 

Below you can choose the size of your childs bed and the desired color. 

Please note that you'll need a leg to fasten the safety rail to the bedside, unless your child have a bed with a ladder. 

Create a different and more creative look by choosing one of our beautiful colors below. 

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Manis-h - 3/4 Standard Safety Rail

This Safety Rail is our Standard Type of Safety Rail which fits to all bed combinations from Manis-h. Except for our Retro- and Huxie series. It is designed in a simpel and classic design, to make it last forever. 

We have safety rails to fit 90*160, 90*190 and 90*200 cm. We do also have the option to customize one special for you, contact us here to learn more.

At Manis-h you have the opportunity to choose between 21 different colors. It is easy to give the children's bed a different look by choosing the safety rail and other extra accessories in another color. If you need inspiration for the kids room, you can check out our catalogue here.

If you don't already have one, you'll need a leg to fasten the safety rail to the beds boarder. Unless you've a bed with a ladder, then you won't need one. See one of the pictures which shows you have it is attached to the bed.